Kelly Hamilton
Comfort Realty, LLC

Step by Step to The Home Buying Process

Dear Buyer,

You are about to traverse the most exciting, frustrating and stressful time.  With that said, I want you to know that as your Real Estate agent I will be there from start to FOREVER! 

My goal is to make this process as seamless as I can knowing that there are many variables and moving parts to a transaction that are out of our control.  We will navigate those as we go through the process together.  I will be there to answer any and all calls you have, discuss all options that are out there. 

I created a list, which allows you to see the process of the moving parts

First Steps

  • Do you have a Lender? If not I have recommendations for you. 
  • Get prequalified with the lender of your choosing
  • Once Pre-qualified we will discuss the criteria of home that you NEED and MUST have
  • Once you view homes within the MLS system we can choose homes you would like to view and go look at them.

I found my home, now What?

  • We will run comparable to verify the price of home is in line with market value
  • We will prepare an offer, sign electronically and submit to the other agent
  • Waiting is the hardest part, I know!
  • The seller has 3 options; Accept offer, Counter Offer or reject Offer
  • If we get a counter offer, we will review and either accept, counter or reject

YAY, we are under contract!

  • We have 3 days to provide the option fee (typically $150) and earnest funds (Typically 1% of the contract price)
  • Line up inspectors (Typical cost $350-$500)
  • Prepare repair amendment, based on inspection findings. We look at hazard issues or items that are non-functioning
  • We then negotiate repairs (our 2nd negotiation point in the transaction)
  • We all agree on the repairs and execute amendment

Heading towards closing, How exciting!

  • Appraisal ordered by Lender
  • Lender may require other documentation from you
  • Appraisal comes in (if lower than contract amount, this is our 3rd negotiation step)
  • Lender will provide Approval and then a clear to close
  • Schedule utilities to be turned on
  • Set a time to sign paperwork at title


As you can see there are several steps that go into organizing and managing a transaction, I am with you every step of the way.  I believe every party to the transaction is a teammate and we are all here for the common goal of getting our buyers the home they want.